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Learning the fun way! Develop your own swing and make the sport of golf your own!

Lessons & Fee



Reserved Par4-hole Practicing Lessons

This lesson will allow students to practice on a course sticking to one par 4 hole. This gives students the opportunity to practice hitting a variety of iron and driver shots in addition to short game approach and putting.


Playing Lessons

Our goal is to help our students find success by covering a wide span of what happens during a round of golf. This ranges from understanding how professionals approach the course to various on course tips to help lower their scores.


Outdoor Driving Range Lessons

Lessons are held at a 250-yard practice range in Chiba. There is also a space where you can practice your chip shot and bunker shot. Short game lessons are also an option!


Indoor Lessons

Lessons are held in Tokyo at a simulation golf studio. This is an intensive-style clinic so you will certainly improve in a very short amount of time!