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  Tad Omi

Professional Golf Coach

065.jpgWith 14 years of experience in the United States, Tad Omi has competed in many tournaments and has close relationships with golf clubs in both the U.S. and Japan. In addition to being a professional golfer in California, Tad is comfortable providing lessons in both English and Japanese.

As a coach, Tad has helped first-time golfers break 100 as well as help those who have been struggling to break 100 get down to a score of around 80 in just 6 months. He has also succeeded in helping students that were averaging 80 break even par. His success has been attributed to his experience working with a variety of golfers from beginners to top amateurs as well as junior and senior golfers.

By addressing the needs and concerns of each of his students, he has helped each of his students find success.

Lesson Videos

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Reserved Par4-hole Practicing Lessons

This lesson will allow students to practice on a course sticking to one par 4 hole. This gives students the opportunity to practice hitting a variety of iron and driver shots in addition to short game approach and putting.


Playing Lessons

Our goal is to help our students find success by covering a wide span of what happens during a round of golf. This ranges from understanding how professionals approach the course to various on course tips to help lower their scores.


Outdoor Driving Range Lessons

Lessons are held at a 250-yard practice range in Chiba. There is also a space where you can practice your chip shot and bunker shot. Short game lessons are also an option.


Indoor Lessons

Lessons are held in Tokyo at a simulation golf studio. This is an intensive-style clinic so you will certainly improve in a very short amount of time!



I have been playing golf for over ten years now, and despite this, my self-training in the sport has only earned me the title of "110 King".

Having reached my limit, I decided to take Coach Omi's lessons in Los Angeles. In just a few months after playing on a very difficult course at the Angeles Nationals Golf Club, I played my personal best of 88.

It was through this experience that I learned that Coach Omi gives legitimate advice and that he is the real deal.



Despite having never held a golf club before, I thought to myself [What's a sport I can commit to?], and I ultimately decided golf. That's how it all began.

Though it's been my third month of lessons since starting, I have found Coach Omi's advice to be easy for first-time players to understand, accurate, and courteous.

And through this coaching, I have already learned how to hit using an iron and a driver in a very short amount of time.

Playing Lesson, Outdoor&Indoor Lesson, Reserved Par4 Hole Practicing Lesson


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